Library Terms and Conditions

  • Copyrighted materials are loaned subject to the condition that any form of duplication is strictly prohibited in accordance with Title 17 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations.  Unauthorized duplication of copyrighted materials will result in the cancellation of your borrowing privileges.

  •  Borrowers may not gain financially from the use of library titles.  For example, these titles cannot be used as part of a presentation outside of your company for which you will be paid.

  •  Materials are generally loaned for a period of two weeks and must be returned on or prior to the due date.  A late fee of $5 may be charged for each titles returned seven days or more after the due date, with an additional 50 cents per business day after that.  Arrangements for extended loans and other special scheduling must be made with the AV librarian.

  •  Loan of library materials to other people is prohibited.  Materials may not be loaned to any person(s) not specifically included on the borrower’s AV Library Agreement.  For example, a consultant cannot loan a video to a client, or a corporate office cannot loan a title to its local office.

  •  The borrower is responsible for loss of, or damage to, library materials, including video cases and binders, and agrees to pay full replacement costs for any items lost or damaged during the loan period.  We recommend, but do not require, that you insure your returns.  The titles can cost anywhere from $100—$900 to replace.

  •  The borrower is responsible for the cost of return shipping.  Return shipping must be by some traceable means such as FedEx, UPS or US Certified Mail.  Return by untraceable means will result in borrower liability on the event of loss or damage.  Materials may also be delivered directly to the consultation program office in Boise.