Excavation Fall Protection Scaffolds
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Warning Labels and Signs in Construction

This video describes the identification and understanding of the various systems using labels, tags and signs, including HAZCOM, NFPA, HMIS and Smartrik systems.

1998, 16 minutes.

VHS English  
On Solid Ground: A Plan for Safe Excavation and Trenching

This video presents general information and practices for construction contractors on trenching and excavation. It discusses how to plan a project and emphasizes how to comply with OSHA requirements and reduce accidents. The importance of evaluating site conditions is also discussed.

1995, 19 minutes.

VHS English  
Trenching and Shoring Safety Update

Meets training requirements for trenching, and includes: definitions of trench and excavation; support systems, angle of repose and trench boxes; stress factors, including weather, soil conditions, vibration/shock, early planning and testing; shoring installation, inspection and removal; oxygen deficiency and emergency evacuation.

Year unknown, 14 minutes.

VHS Spanish  
Cave In! Trenching and Shoring Safety

Topics covered by this video include: grain size and saturation; cohesion and soil testing; and protective systems. Complies with OSHA 1910.650-652.

1994, 18 minutes.

VHS English  
Roofing Contractor Safety

Designed to promote safety awareness among roofing contractors, Roofing Contractor Safety covers: housekeeping and access around site; scaffolds and other work platforms; guardrail construction; stairs and Ladders; personal protective equipment; fall protection; tools and equipment, and electrical.

Year unknown, 10 minutes.

VHS English  
Fall Protection: A Training Program for Employees

This program covers ten different fall protection systems, the safety monitoring system, limitations of safety equipment, and when to use a fall protection plan. Helps you meet the requirements of 29 CFR Part 1926, Subpart M.

1997, 24 minutes.

VHS - Kit English  
Fall Protection: What's Required and Beyond

This video describes the sources of most fatal falls and types of fall protection systems. It also shows the various approaches to achieving 100 percent fall protection. Topics include: fall protection guidelines; positive fall protection; and safety nets.

1997, 21 minutes.

VHS English  
Fall Protection

This Spanish language fall protection presentation covers: fall protection types-guardrails, safety nets, fall arrest and monitoring systems, control access zones; body harnesses and drop tests; types of lanyards, snap hooks and D-rings; pre-use inspection of equipment; rescue methods.

1996, 27 minutes.

VHS Spanish  
How Far Is That Fall?

This video introduces the viewer to fall distance calculations for personal fall arrest systems as found in 1926.502(d) (16). Topics covered include anchor points, lanyard types, lanyard reach and various harness types. Sample calculations for determining proximity to the edge of a platform and fall distances are also included.

1998, 22 minutes.

VHS English  
Hard Hat Safety Series: Stationary Scaffolds

This program discusses stationary scaffolds, hazards and how to work safely on and around them.

1997, 11 minutes.

VHS English  
Mobile Scaffold Safety: Rolling Towers

A video detailing the assembly and dismantling of mobile scaffolding units. Educates construction workers on how to safely work on mobile scaffolds. Includes fall protection and guidelines for riding the scaffolding.

1997, 12 minutes.

VHS English  
Stationary Scaffolds

This video emphasizes Competent Person inspection and evaluation of the mobile scaffold. Topics include intended load determination, assembly, dangers, fall protection, and safe work practices.

1998, 11 minutes.

VHS English  
Suspension Scaffolds in Construction

This video describes the various types of scaffold assemblies, hoisting, personal fall protection, recognizing hazards, and safe work practices.

1998, 10 minutes.

VHS English  
Stationary Scaffolds in Construction

This Spanish language program discusses stationary scaffolds and how to work safely on and around them. Includes discussion of hazards and safe work practices.

2000, 11 minutes.

VHS Spanish  
Construction Safety Series: Scaffolding

Covers fall protection, safety awareness, performing visual inspections, and protection from falling objects. Also addresses: recognizing scaffolding violations, reducing accidents, preventing injuries, avoiding costly fines for non-compliance, and lowering workers' compensation costs.

1997, 18 minutes.

VHS - Kit English  
Avoid Hot Mix Hazards

This video was produced to provide basic safety training for asphalt paving and road construction workers exposed to hot mix hazards.

1993, 14 minutes.

VHS English  
Pave Your Way to Safety: Concrete Paving Safety

This video was produced to provide basic safety training for road construction workers exposed to concrete hazards.

1993, 13 minutes.

VHS English  
The Sky's the Limit: Aerial Work Platform Safety

This video highlights potential hazards associated with construction work performed on elevated platforms.

2000, 15 minutes.

VHS English  
Fall Protection for Iron Workers

This video program will help employees comply with OSHA's specific rules for working on high iron. Topics include: fall restraint systems; positioning devices; fall arrest systems; equipment inspection; and controlled decking zone.

2001, 18 minutes.

VHS English  
Safety Doesn't Happen by Chance

This program provides a concise guide to basic construction safety concerns and practices. Topics include: personal protective equipment, including hardhats, protective glasses and goggles, clothing and boots; tool safety rules and tips; electrical safety practices, including use of ground-fault circuit interrupters; hazard communication, such as Material Safety Data Sheets; and ladder and scaffold safety.

2001, 12 minutes.

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