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Chainsaw Safety in the Sawmill

This video covers the proper ways to inspect and maintain a chainsaw; the importance of wearing the proper protective equipment when handling a chainsaw in the mill environment; and proper body mechanics and the best ways for sawmill chainsaw operators to use their chainsaws safely and effectively. Program is followed by a short maintenance video.

Year unknown, 20 minutes.

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Chainsaw Safety, Maintenance and Operation

The purpose of this video is to demonstrate the types and uses of proper safety equipment, as well as safe starting and operating techniques; to inform chainsaw users of proper maintenance procedures; and to make them aware of potential hazards and show how they can be avoided or controlled.

Year unknown, 19 minutes.

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Log Truck Driver Orientation

This video discusses the equipment and parts on a log truck and trailer and how to determine if it is safe for operation. Unloading procedures and trailer loading station procedures are also shown.

1985, 30 minutes.

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Logging Operation Safety

The purpose of the video is to make loggers aware of potential hazards while working; to inform them of ways in which the hazards can be removed, avoided or controlled; and to help maintain efficiency and productivity while improving safety.

Year unknown, 30 minutes.

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Logging Safety: Logging Overview, and Logging Safety Meetings

The logging overview section of this program briefly highlights the different aspects of the logging process from stump to mill (18 min). Logging Safety Meetings outlines how to successfully conduct tailgate safety meetings and other more organized training sessions (15 min.).

1992, 33 minutes.

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Logging Safety: The Physics of Falling, and Landings

The Physics of Falling deals with safety in the production aspects of falling. It covers surveying conditions, using appropriate techniques to fall trees, planning an escape route and coordinating with the skidding crew (13 min.). Landings describes hazards associated with various types of landings - hot operations, cold decking, line skidding and mechanized (18 min.).

1991, 31 minutes.

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Logging Safety: Loading and Hauling; Mechanized Logging

Loading and Hauling includes information about the interface with landing operations, the coordination necessary between truck driver and loader operator and legal requirements of the trucking phase (17 min.). Mechanized Logging discusses how these operations tend to be safer but when an accident does occur, it is usually more severe. It includes feller-bunchers, delimbers, processors and cut-to-length forwarders (12 min.).

1992, 29 minutes.

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Logging Safety: Ground Skidding, and Line Skidding

Ground Skidding covers different aspects of ground skidding, mainly crawler tractor and wheeled skidders. Safe operation of machines is also outlined (11 min.). Line Skidding deals with safe operation in hooking, chasing, and rigging (17 min.).

1992, 28 minutes.

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