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HAZWOPER Training: Awareness Levels

First Respondent Standard describing the five levels of First Responders awareness level of hazards. This video explains the DOT classification of hazards, routes of exposure, health hazards and the First Responders emergency plan.

1997, 20 minutes.

VHS English  
Lab Packs (HAZWOPER)

This program examines lab pack procedures, explains compatible waste groups and illustrates shipping measures. It also covers treatment procedures and facilities, and incineration/chemical treatment/landfill.  It does not discuss OSHA regulations, but provides an additional piece of the HAZWOPER puzzle.

2006, 16 minutes.

DVD English and Spanish  
HAZWOPER First Responder: Operations Level

This program explains how Level Two responders contain a hazardous release from a safe distance.  Topics include: hazard and risk assessment; personal protective equipment; control, containment, confinement; and standard operating procedures.

2007, 18 minutes.

DVD English, Spanish, and Portuguese  
HAZWOPER First Responder: Awareness Level

Employees who work in areas where hazardous substances are present need to know how to respond to a hazardous substance emergency. This program explains the five levels of emergency response and what first responders at the awareness level need to know. Topics include: how to recognize and identify hazardous substances, Emergency Response Plans, and how to summon additional resources.

2007, 18 minutes.

DVD English