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Office Safety
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Bloodborne Pathogens: Training for the Office Worker

Directed toward the emergency responder this program discusses protective clothing and equipment; avoiding needle stick injuries; decontamination procedures; hand washing techniques; procedures to follow if exposed; and proper waste disposal.

1994, 6 minutes.

VHS English  
Hazard Communication for Non-Industrial Employees

Chemicals exist in all kinds of workplaces, not just industrial settings. This DVD aims to inform non-industrial employees about appropriate safety measures when dealing with these substances. Topics include MSDS and exposure limits.

2004, 17 minutes.

DVD English and Spanish  
Fire Safety for Office Workers

This program discusses how to eliminate the factors that contribute to the ignition of fires and how to respond if a fire were to break out. Topics include good housekeeping, controlling electrical fire hazards, emergency action plans, evacuation procedures, classes of fire and their extinguishing agents, the importance of using the appropriate fire extinguisher, using the PASS system to extinguish a fire, and treating fire-related injuries.

Year Unknown, 16 minutes.

DVD English  
Ergonomics: Adjusting Your Workstation and Posture

This safety DVD shows common postures that can cause or contribute to musculoskeletal disorders. The viewer is lead through a comprehensive and specific method of adjusting a workstation to maximize neutral postures and minimize pain, discomfort, and strain. The program also points out some of the factors outside the workplace that can contribute to musculoskeletal disorders.

Year Unknown, 13 minutes.


DVD English  
OSI: Office Safety Investigation

OSI: Office Safety Investigation follows Brandon, the newest member of the Office Safety Investigation (OSI) team, as he learns about the four most common office hazards: falls, ergonomic injuries, being struck-by or striking objects, and electrical incidents. Topics include: common causes of falls in the office, strategies to prevent ergonomic injuries, and preventing electrical incidents.

2012, 16 minutes.

DVD English, Spanish, and Portuguese