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Real, Real Life: Hearing Protection

Teach your employees the value of proper hearing protection. Topics include: structure of the ear; causes of hearing loss; OSHA's hearing conservation standard; personal protective equipment.

2003, 17 minutes.

DVD English and Spanish  
Hearing Protection: Sounds Good to Me

Study how the ear works and how it's affected and damaged by noise. Other topics covered in this DVD include controlling noise levels, understanding noise reduction ratings and using the appropriate ear PPE. Audiometric testing is also covered.

2008, 14 minutes.

DVD English, Spanish, and Portuguese  
Eye Injuries

This short video emphasizes the need for eye protection by graphically depicting the types of injuries that can be suffered when safety measures are ignored.

1992, 5 minutes.

VHS English  
Focus on Safety: Eye Safety - Refresher Training

This program features three two-minute segments. The first includes a dramatization of how routine workplace procedures can turn into serious accidents. The second consists of a presentation about safe work habits. The third segment contains interviews with medical professionals who give first-hand accounts of the consequences of safety lapses.

1996, 10 minutes.

VHS - Kit English  
Hand and Wrist Injuries

Explains how injuries occur, the anatomy of the wrist and hand, and general prevention techniques to reduce these types of injuries.

1995, 10 minutes.

VHS English  
Hand Protection: Lessons for a Lifetime

This graphic video shows mechanical hand injuries occurring during machine use. It covers hazard control through engineering controls and safe work practices, and PPE.

1995, 20 minutes.

VHS English  
Personal Protection Equipment: The Best Strategy

Instructs workers about personal protective equipment including equipment required by the Fall Protection Standard. All aspects of PPE are addressed including protection for head, hearing, eye, respiration, fall, clothing, and water.

1995, 12 minutes.

VHS English  
Hazard Assessment for Personal Protective Equipment

This video provides steps for assessing hazards, designing engineering controls and selecting the proper protective equipment. It discusses the basic hazard categories and common hazard sources.

1994, 15 minutes.

VHS English  
That's Why You Wear a Hard Hat

This DVD uses several injury scenarios and worker testimony to drive home the point that most head injuries can be avoided through the proper use of a hard hat.

Year unknown, 13 minutes.

DVD English  
That's Why You Wear Eye Protection

In this program viewers will see the consequences of not wearing eye protection.

2005, 19 minutes.

VHS English  
High Impact: Eye Safety

This dynamic video shows viewers that a commitment to eye safety is the key to maintaining an injury-free workplace or perhaps saving one’s sight. Filled with recreations of actual OSHA files, this film has proven to be a highly effective training tool.

2005, 19 minutes.

VHS English  
Seven Minute Solutions: The Importance of PPE

With this video, you can train your employees on proper use, maintenance and storage of PPE, and PPE design and construction. You can also give them an overview of foot, hand, head, eye, and respiratory protection.

2002, 7 minutes.

VHS - Kit English  
Eye Protection: See the Whole Picture

Reviewing essential procedures, this program focuses on avoiding eye injuries and emergency procedures should an accident occur. It covers eye protection, care and maintenance, injury prevention, and emergency procedures.

1998, 18 minutes.

DVD English, Spanish, and Portuguese  
PPE: Don't Start Work Without It

This DVD features eye and face protection, hand and foot protection, hearing protection, head protection, and basic PPE rules.

2004, 15 minutes.

DVD English, Spanish, and Portuguese  
PPE: An Assessment and Training Program

Designed for new and veteran employees, this program helps you meet OSHA's PPE training requirements (29 CFR 1910, Subpart I). It features real-life demonstrations of employees using PPE correctly, and explains proper selection, consistent use, and regular maintenance. Other topics include eye and face protection, head protection, foot protection, hand protection, respiratory protection, and hearing conservation.

2000, 19 minutes.

VHS - Kit English  
Hand Safety: It's in Your Hands

This DVD explains the two types of hand hazards, machine and chemical, and helps viewers understand the factors that determine the ideal PPE for a job. Topics covered include wearing the right hand protection, using machine guards, using the right tool for the task, and keeping equipment in proper working order.

2006, 20 minutes.

DVD English, Spanish, and Portuguese  
Protecting Your Feet: Learning the ABC's

People take their feet for granted. The result of that negligence is an astounding 100,000 foot injuries per year. This DVD introduces injury prevention basics and familiarizes viewers with ANSI's and OSHA's (1910.136) footwear standards.

2006, 18 minutes.

DVD English, Spanish, and Portuguese  
Eye Protection: Why Gamble?

Topics covered in this eye safety program include protective eyewear, avoiding injury, and emergency procedures.

2007, 20 minutes.

DVD English, Spanish, and Portuguese  
Respiratory Protection and Safety

Comply with 1910.134. This Spanish video covers how the respiratory system works; common causes of respiratory problems; causes and potential effects of respiratory problems; cleaning/disinfecting procedures; and fit testing protocols.

2000, 24 minutes.

VHS Spanish  
Respiratory Protection

Topics in this program include selection of respirators, medical evaluations, fit-testing procedures, care and maintenance of respirators, and employer/employee responsibilities. It also outlines training and recordkeeping requirements.

1998, 20 minutes.

VHS - Kit English