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Toxic and Hazardous Substances
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Chlorine Safety

This video explains the risks and hazards of chlorine, as well as safe use and leak procedures.

1990, 12 minutes.

VHS English  
Danger: Benzene!

Benzene is a colorless liquid chemical and a key ingredient in many products and industrial processes, but it also poses a major health and safety risk for workers. This short video educates industrial workers about the hazards of benzene and provides safety tips for safe work habits.

1990, 5 minutes.

VHS English  
Handling Compressed Gas Cylinders

Train employees on proper handling of compressed gas cylinders. Reviews different types of gas storage, handling of cylinders, hazards associated with gas leaks, and features and proper use of gas cylinders.

Year unknown, 13 minutes.

VHS English  
Methylene Chloride

This video emphasizes the safety of the inspector, and finding or establishing safe zones to decrease exposure to this highly toxic solvent.

1997, 12 minutes.

VHS English  
Taking Care with Caustic

Though filmed in a setting for unloading railroad cars, this video offers training for all who work with caustics. It includes PPE, proper containers for storage, unloading precautions, and what to do in the event of a spill.

1988, 18 minutes.

VHS English  
Asbestos: Building and Inspections

This video describes the Asbestos Abatement Plan, its components, types of inspections, and characteristics of asbestos. The terms “friable” and “non-friable” are also reviewed.

1997, 11 minutes.

VHS English  
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

This video defines carbon monoxide and how to reduce the effects of this health hazard. Almost every industry is exposed, but very little attention is given to its effects.

1997, 14 minutes.

VHS English  
Silicosis: Plain Talk About a Serious Problem

An introduction to silicosis, followed by a discussion of the mechanics of dust, the respiratory system, threshold limit values (TLV), and individual dust susceptibility. Narrated by Andy Griffith.

1983, 18 minutes.

VHS English  
Hazardous Materials for Maintenance Departments

Aimed at anyone working in a maintenance facility, repair shop or other general maintenance area. Explains the safety basics for working with a variety of chemicals and hazardous materials such as glues, solvents, flammables, gases, and other potentially hazardous materials.

1997, 27 minutes.

VHS English  
OSHA Formaldehyde Standard

Educate your employees on the OSHA regulation through the use of this video, which deals with formaldehyde and its hazards. The program also covers symptoms and effects of exposure to formaldehyde; exposure limits; PPE; spill and emergency procedures; and medical plans.

1993, 13 minutes.

VHS English  
Anhydrous Ammonia

This video program covers basic facts about the chemical, while discussing personal protection and emergency response. Topics include how ammonia affects your body, avoiding personal exposure, preventing release, and first aid.

1997, 19 minutes.

VHS English  
Compressed Gases: Safe Handling

Topics in this program include classifications; labeling; flammable, non-flammable and toxic gases; handling cylinders; valves; and leaks.

1999, 18 minutes.

VHS English  
Hydrogen Sulfide: A Matter of Life or Death

Hydrogen sulfide is a poison, and in high concentrations it can kill. This video will help teach workers how to protect themselves. Topics include identifying hydrogen sulfide, the effects of hydrogen sulfide, air monitoring requirements, PPE, emergency response, and first aid procedures.

1993, 18 minutes.

VHS English  
Lead! Treat It With Respect

Complies with OSHA’s Lead in Construction Standard (1910.62). Topics include: danger of lead hazards; how it enters the body; exposure limits; PPE; housekeeping; and medical surveillance.

1993, 17 minutes.

DVD English and Spanish  
Exposing the Facts: Lead Exposure in the Construction Industry

This video describes how lead is used in the construction industry, its effect on the human body, and how workers can protect themselves from overexposure.

1992, 17 minutes.

VHS English  
Lead in the Workplace

This program presents facts regarding lead exposure and the potential ailments that can result from this occupational hazard.

Year unknown, 15 minutes.

VHS English  
Silica Exposure: It Can Leave You Breathless

This video highlights the use of silica in the construction industry, its effects on the body, and how workers can protect themselves from associated hazards.

1998, 13 minutes.

VHS English  
Hexavalent Chromium Awareness

Workers exposed to hexavalent chromium are at risk for lung cancer, permanent eye damage and skin ulcerations. This DVD covers regulations, exposure monitoring, PPE, and proper recordkeeping.

2007, 17 minutes.

DVD English, Spanish, and Portuguese  
Chemical Handling Safety: The Basics

This DVD covers hazard identification, personal protection, and emergency response. It teaches employees to handle dangerous chemicals safely by knowing what they are working with, how to store them, and what to do in an emergency.

2004, 20 minutes.

DVD English, Spanish, and Portuguese  
Chemical Handling Safety: Flammables

This DVD teaches how to keep flammables under control and ensure a safe and healthy workplace. It includes identification and handling of chemicals, fire 101, and emergency response.

2004, 20 minutes.

DVD English, Spanish, and Portuguese