Welding and Metalwork


Welding and Metalwork
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Arc Welding Safety

A quick video providing guidelines for fire prevention, working around combustibles, pre-check of equipment, and personal protective equipment for the welder.

1997, 5 minutes.

VHS English  
MIG Welding

This program looks at all aspects of MIG welding, including the MIG welding process; the equipment that makes up the welding unit; workshop, personal, and equipment safety; terms and methods of MIG welding; transfer types; setting; making a weld run; welding problems and faults; tack welding; correct procedures for a variety of welds; and the correct procedure for closing down equipment.

1989, 19 minutes.

VHS English  
Tools for Metal Work

This program shows the correct and safe use of a wide range of metal-working tools. It covers personal safety, the metal rule, how to use a scriber, correct use of the try square, punches, using spring dividers to scribe arcs and circles, marking with Jenny calipers, and the correct use and operation of hammers, files, cold chisels, hacksaws, and drill presses.

1990, 20 minutes.

VHS English  
Welding Safety: Safe Work with Hotwork

This program details various types of welding and discusses safety precautions. Includes: personal hazards; hazardous fumes and substances; and equipment safety.

1999, 18 minutes.

VHS English  
Hotwork Management: Safe Welding/Cutting/Brazing

This video demonstrates, in actual workplace settings, the proper use of shields, respirators, and other PPE; reviews ventilation requirements; discusses fire prevention; explains permitting, labeling, and confined space issues; reviews industry standards; and more.

1998, 15 minutes.

VHS - Kit English  
Safety First: Welding Shop Safety

Specific protective gear for welders is examined in detail. Shows the proper way to store tanks, hoses, gauges, and cutting/brazing torches. Also covers the basics of testing lines for leaks, attaching gauges to tanks, and adjusting pressure settings to proper levels. Covers a variety of welding processes, including MIG, TIG and oxyacetylene.

2004, 30 minutes.

DVD English  
Oxyfuel Gas Cutting: The Sure Cut

This DVD course details proper safety procedures for oxyfuel gas cutting. It covers: proper safety equipment, hook-up procedures, and ventilation.

2007, 13 minutes.

VHS English, Spanish, and Portuguese  
Metal Shop Safety

This program demonstrates the kind of precautions that should be taken when working with metals. Sheet metal work, soldering, welding, foundry work, and forging, along with general safety, are summarized. Footage of actual accidents is used to strengthen the importance of safety in the metals lab.

1993, 17 minutes.

DVD English  
Confined Space Hotwork: Checklist to Safety

This program reviews special safety procedures imperative for confined space hotwork. Topics include: the hotwork permit; special safety equipment; emergency rescue.

Year unknown, 20 minutes.

DVD English, Spanish, and Portuguese  
Welding Safety: What You Need To Know

This program discusses how to maintain a secure welding area, and safety procedures for electric arc welding and oxyfuel gas.  Topics include safe use of compressed gases, safe arc welding, PPE, worker readiness, health risks, and safe work practices.

1993, 11 minutes.

DVD English, Spanish, and Portuguese