Roadway and Utility Worker Safety

Roadway and utility worker safety.

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Man Baskets in Construction

This training video includes the pre-lift meeting; inspection of the lift, crane, and personal platform; the lift trial; and safe work practices.

1997, 10 minutes.

VHS English  
Back Care for Public Agencies

A video aimed primarily at public agency workers, this program looks at a variety of safety lifting techniques for those involved in shoveling, breaking, and general heavy lifting of items such as bags of concrete and pipes.  It discusses the “power zone” and how to lift safely by using your legs rather than your back.

1992, 11 minutes.

VHS English  
Groundskeeping Safety: Dealing with Bugs and Critters

This program is designed for public works, utility, and government employees, or anyone whose job function includes grounds maintenance or outdoor responsibilities. Topics include basic personal protective equipment, snakes, wasps, bees, fire ants, poison ivy/oak, and first aid.

1999, 16 minutes.

DVD English, Spanish, and Portuguese  
Hazard Recognition for Utility Workers

This DVD shows utility workers the three causes of accidents, the ways to spot safe and unsafe conditions and the methods used to control hazardous energy. Other topics include: responsibilities of supervisors and team leaders, responsibilities of employees, and spotting unsafe conditions and practices.

2008, 18 minutes

DVD English, Spanish, and Portuguese  
Highway Work Zone Safety: The Basics

Topics covered in this DVD include compliance with MUTCD regulations, being safety conscious, traffic control devices, slowing down traffic, detours and closures, and communication. Presented from the point of view that road work impacts the workers, pedestrians, and drivers.

2009, 14 minutes.

DVD English and Spanish  
Roadway Worker Safety: In the Zone

This DVD is designed to help roadway workers understand the hazards to which they may be exposed on the jobsite.  Topics include: roadwork hazards, flagging, night-work operations, PPE, MSDS, and traffic control pattern awareness.

2008, 24 minutes.

DVD English and Spanish